Capplus exports orders to the Netherlands

Capplus completes export orders to the Netherlands before the end of the Year of the Tiger. In the bustling atmosphere of spring greeting everywhere, it is also the time when Capplus team is busy completing the final preparation for the export shipment to the Netherlands. Although busy, everyone is happy because the old year has ended with extremely brilliant achievements. The export shipment to the Dutch Port of Rotterdam includes a collection of Outdoor Furniture products made mainly from Acacia wood. With the quantity up to nearly 1200 products, we had to mobilize a large number of skilled production workers and use advanced technology to ensure that the products delivered to customers are of outstanding quality. Capplus would like to sincerely thank the support of customers, domestic and foreign partners who have always loved and supported us. Let's welcome the New Year of the Rabbit 2023 and wish Capplus will always achieve more success and grow stronger.  

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