Create a highlight for the living room with the "eye-catching" SoFa set

As the center of the house - the living room is the place to create accents as well as show the owner's aesthetic gout. If you are still wondering where to start, Capplus will give you some great suggestions. Contemporary sofa design Soft neutral colors are on the throne this year and are loved by many. Along with that, the minimalist design, the use of natural materials are also the top priorities for an outstanding sofa. A safe choice, ensuring a warm, gentle space is the long sofa with soft appearance with gentle curves carved from natural wood with deep wood color and soft padding. Made from natural leather. Usually, you should choose a sofa in the form of a sofa in sync with the armchair for spacious spaces. Nordic style A great solution for those who are looking for a product that is unique, comfortable and smooth is the Scandinavian style sofa. Possessing a slim, flexible minimalist design, this product line will be suitable for modern living spaces, suitable for watching movies or relaxing, reading books.

Modern style sofa For apartments with a modest area, a living room with a limited area combined with a nice small kitchen space, two-seater sofas with high quality fabric, square and eye-catching design will be the right choice. fit. With this sofa model, homeowners can easily arrange as well as easy to clean.

Here are a few sofa models for homeowners to choose from. If you still do not know which sofa model is suitable for your living room, do not hesitate to contact us via hotline: 1800.4986 for the fastest and most accurate advice.

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