With the development along with today's modern lifestyle, the bar is not only used for cafes, restaurants, hotels, ... The bar is also chosen by many homeowners in home furnishings. But how the bar size is convenient for use and ensures the aesthetics of the house is not known by everyone.

Choosing a beautiful location, feng shui to design a family bar

A nice location for the indoor bar is the kitchen area. Because they make it convenient to use from the facilities of the kitchen such as refrigerators, wine cabinets, cupboards, cups, ... But if you own a spacious townhouse or villa, you can still set up a bar on the mezzanine floor, stair lobby to provide a private relaxing space, or extreme parties.

Apartment living room bar counter design

For apartments with living rooms connected to the kitchen, you should choose to design a small bar counter in the middle of the kitchen area. At that time, they will become a partition that divides the kitchen in a subtle way and if your kitchen is directly facing its own, they will help shield the air from the outside in, creating good fortune, luck, prosperity for the owner.

Design of a small bar counter under the stairs

Take advantage of the dead corner under the bar design staircase with compact size

Standard bar size for every family

To ensure the aesthetics and convenience of using the family bar, it is very important to carefully calculate the bar counter size. You even need the professional advice of design experts to make it easier to do so.

Standard bar counter size for every Vietnamese family

For kitchens with a small area in general and apartment kitchens, the size of the kitchen bar usually ranges in height from 90cm to 110cmm, suitable for the standard height of every Vietnamese family.

Bar counter size and fit seating size for convenience to use

If you want to combine the use of dining table chairs for small bar counters, you can also choose the bar size is 80cm high, 40cm - 50cm deep. The length of the small bar will depend on the area of the kitchen so that it is balanced, does not take up too much space. Kitchen table bar size

Standard kitchen table bar size

Besides, if you design a small bar connected to kitchen cabinets, kitchen island, their size will be higher than kitchen cabinets, kitchen island about 20cm - 30cm to create convenience when concocting and dividing the function clearly for interior details.

When designing a family bar, what should you pay attention to?

As an area that creates an aesthetic highlight for the home space, so besides choosing the right bar size, the functional factor, harmony when combining the details of the bar decoration also need to be noted.

Mini bar design

The bar style will be designed extremely flexible based on the taste, preferences of the owner and especially create harmony in the interior style of the overall space. However, it should be noted to create rounded lines in the corner of the bar to bring softness and luxury to the house.

Take advantage of the bar counter to integrate many functions

Don't let the mini bar counter be merely a place to enjoy wine, but take advantage of the gaps in the inside of the bar counter to make drawers, cabinets with kitchen utensils neatly, or divide open shelves, add glass cabinets, accessories of a balanced size to the bar counter to be a place to display wine, The glass, the cup is very luxurious.

Integrated cup holders and luxurious display cabinets for the bar counter

Pay attention to the color of the bar counter.

To create a harmonious beauty for the space, you should choose the color of the bar counter material in harmony with the main material of the living room and kitchen. Pay attention not to choose colors that are too prominent for the mini bar counter so that they enhance the luxurious beauty when combined with decorative lights. Choose bar counter colors in harmony with the overall space Choose the color of the bar counter in harmony with the main color tone of the space, or gentle tones to enhance the beauty of the bar counter when combined with LED lights.

Design of a beautiful bar counter and mini bar counter

With the remarkable development of the interior day, the bar counter design is becoming more diverse, unique and eye-catching. Depending on the style, preferences and investment budget, you will have a variety of materials options of the bar counter. With the notes in how to choose the size of the bar counter and the diverse bar counter design, you must have the idea to complete your home space. But, to save maximum time and own a standard-sized bar counter model, styled according to your own preferences, please contact our design experts via hotline:  1800.4986 or website: capplus.vn

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