1. The importance of office meeting room design Currently, companies attach great importance to the design of office furniture for private meeting rooms accordingly. The "leaders" have begun to pay attention to the material investment for spiritual needs for higher productivity. Companies and businesses also do not hesitate to invest to achieve great successes and victories, at the same time, most importantly, the solidarity and understanding of employees will bring work efficiency. better. In any company, the element of creativity, always at the forefront of trends is what company members care about. Therefore, the design of the company meeting room has been stylized by extremely unique lines to show the "quality" of the investor. The bold highlight of this meeting room interior lies in the contrast between the ceiling lights and the tabletop reflecting on the green trees, besides the perfect combination of the tables and chairs and the beautifully harmonious green carpet. The company meeting room is not only a meeting place within the company, but also a meeting place with partners, or a place to receive guests, so a modern luxury meeting room will affirm the influence and capacity of the company. company to partners. 2. Modern, high-class meeting room interior design Modern meeting room interior design style is the choice of many business units today. By equipping the office with modern furniture, the same harmonious color of the room will make your meeting office modern and professional, bringing positive highlights in the eyes of employees, guests. customers as well as partners. In order to help employees have a positive view of meetings, be able to communicate with each other in the meeting room space, and at the same time can bring ideas right in the meeting and minimize stress. available in meetings. Therefore, designing a meeting room in a creative style is really effective in the meeting process. Most of the consultation process for meeting room interior design is similar to office design. However, it is generalized to a small extent but contains many meanings. 2.1 Professional meeting room interior design and construction company. Capplus interior design company is a unit specializing in interior design and construction of meeting rooms in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. The meeting room is a small item in the main office design, so the meeting room is divided by area, separate drawing area to facilitate deployment. With many years of operation in the field of interior design, Hoang Minh has implemented hundreds of interior projects and has experience in interior design of meeting rooms in particular and offices in general. Along with that is a team of dedicated and knowledgeable meeting room interior designers. 2.2 Professional meeting room interior design process 1. Survey the current ground, take pictures + measure the dimensions. 2. Prepare the current floor plan, the new layout drawing. 3. Provide 3D (3D) space drawings. 4. Deploy detailed drawings, construction design techniques. 5. Complete design documents, hand over information to customers. 2.3 How to decorate a modern meeting room. Meeting rooms are not allowed to be too monotonous and dry. You need to decorate to bring vitality into the room, reducing the tension of the meeting as much as possible. But make sure that the decorations are not distracting to those attending the meeting. One of the ways to decorate a meeting room is to use high-quality, aesthetically pleasing furniture. The beautiful interior itself will create beauty for the overall meeting room. Essentially, people pay attention to the subtlety and impression of using the interior. In addition, placing potted plants and decorative flowers in the meeting room is also something you should consider applying. If you want, you can also hang some simple color paintings to reduce the blankness of the wall. Or directly decorate the wall with good slogans and quotes will also create a relatively good effect. 2.4 Standard design area of modern meeting room. In fact, the area of the meeting room depends on the total area of your company or company. The larger the company, the larger the meeting room area. This is to ensure that the meeting room has enough capacity for all employees on important occasions. At the same time, it also avoids wasting space when the meeting room is not allowed to be used. Meeting rooms can be divided into 3 types as follows: – Small meeting room: Capacity 10-20 people. Minimum area of 20m2 – Medium meeting room: Capacity 20 – 50 people. Minimum area is 40m2 – Large meeting room: Capacity over 50 people. Minimum area is 0.8m2/person. Depending on the number of users, people calculate the most reasonable area allocation. 3. Design standards for meeting room space. 3.1 Style of meeting table There are many different types of meeting tables available today. The most popular are rectangular, Oval, U-shaped, round tables. Depending on the size of the meeting room and the number of attendees, people choose the appropriate shape. For example, a small meeting room should use a rectangular table. The U-shaped table is suitable for large meeting rooms, the number of attendees is up to several dozen people. 3.2 Chairs for meeting rooms A meeting lasts from 1 hour to several hours. Therefore a comfortable seat is essential. You should use a single chair for the whole meeting room. This is to increase professionalism. Seat design should be neat and simple to save space. Using a chair with wheels makes it convenient to arrange a meeting table. In addition, the chair has a backrest to help reduce fatigue during long meetings. The color of the chair should be dark. Unless you want to use the company's brand color, you can still agree. Chairs should be upholstered or upholstered in leather to create a comfortable sitting experience. 3.3 Colors used to design meeting room furniture We advise people not to use multiple colors in the meeting room. Avoid creating distractions and distractions in the meeting. The color used for the meeting room also contributes to creating a magnificent atmosphere for the meeting. The recommended colors are brown, gray, and white. However, if everyone's company is more inventive, then the out-of-the-ordinary colors will not affect the meeting. 3.4 Windows and main door of meeting room As mentioned above, the meeting room should be located in a location that can receive natural light. Windows are the most effective source of natural light. Install glass for the windows to make sure everyone's meeting room is always flooded with sunlight. You should also install curtains for the windows to adjust and control the light as desired. The main door needs to be arranged 1-2 pieces to facilitate entry and exit. For large meeting rooms, having an extra door is essential. If you are looking for an office design unit, meeting room design, then Capplus is a good suggestion for you. With the leading professional in interior design in general and office interior design in particular, Capplus has many years of in-depth experience, is always at the forefront of trends and creates new features to bring to your company. the best values ​​both in terms of quality of work and quality of life. 4. Notes to know when designing office meeting room furniture. Regardless of the interior design of the meeting room, everyone needs to pay attention to the following points: Create a highlight, make an impression in the perspective of partners and customers. Position the brand and promote the company's image a direct measure. Achieve high aesthetics, bring harmony to the overall space. Meeting the purpose of use and function of the meeting room. Support for successful, convenient and smooth meetings. Suitable for company culture, business. Consistent with other locations in the company. At the same time, do not let the meeting room become a wasted space. Create a magnificent atmosphere but not too restrictive. Do not put pressure on meeting attendees. 5. Meeting room interior design ideas Whether designed in a traditional, advanced or innovative interior style, the meeting room also needs to show professionalism and comfort, as well as openness and relaxation to reduce stress in each meeting. Moreover, the meeting room of many businesses is also the address to welcome partners and customers, so it is important to pay attention to expressing the unique identity of the business in this space. 5.1 Interior design of meeting room with green space. In any business, the creative element, always at the forefront of the new symbol is what business members are concerned about. Therefore, the design of the meeting room of the business has been stylized by very unique lines to show the "quality" of its owner. The bold highlight of this meeting room interior is located in the contrast between the ceiling lights and the tabletop reflecting on the green trees, not only that, the wonderful combination of tables and chairs and the green carpet harmonize beautifully. 5.2 Modern meeting room interior design Interrupted by large glass walls and windows, this modern meeting room design is expanded by replacing one wall and one door. The design uses partitions to interrupt the meeting room address, bringing ventilation to all offices, emphasizing the classy style of the business. 5.3 Simple meeting room interior design The meeting room interior design is simple but still creates sophistication and sharpness and shows the class of the business. The design is also impressive by the furniture and the main colors of the brand are wood yellow and chocolate brown, not the hardest we can see is the color of the slogan on the wall, all combined together to transform meeting room space becomes full of energy. Let Capplus be your dream office companion. Please visit website: or contact hotline: 1800.4886 for more information.

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