As the trending style of 2020, Scandinavian Style has become a favorite design trend today. Simple but no less luxurious is the outstanding characteristic that this style brings. Join Capplus to learn more about this unique style.

1. Definition of Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style (also known as Nordic) is a style with a balanced combination of 3 elements: beauty - minimalism - functionally convenience. Currently, this style is very popular because of the simplicity, warmth, spacious that makes the living space full of comfort.

2. Characteristics of Scandinavian interior style

2.1. Materials used

Wood: Is a material that always appears in Nordic interior style. The most commonly used type of wood is teak. Using wood to decorate your home is more vibrant, cozy is never a wrong choice. In addition, wood is also used quite a lot in the office interior in HCM to create a closeness to nature. Scandinavian interior style Stone: In addition to wood, stone is also an important material in creating Scandinavian substance in design. The stone used for Scandinavian furniture will often be pure white stone to decorate in important locations such as wall walls, kitchen surfaces. One point to note is that in Scandinavian design will never see the use marble. Fur: Promoting simplicity, Nordic design furniture uses mostly fur leather when decorating each space of the apartment. Fur makes the interior spaces luxurious, used as carpets or décor on the  walls.

2.2. Color used

Color is the bright spot in Scandinavian design with white tones as the main color. The white color appears as the color of snow, giving one a sense of height expansion. From there, it has the ability to contrast light, which is suitable for winter because this season will often be under light. Besides, you can also combine white with other color systems: cream, black, light gray, turquoise... to help the monotonous part of the space be reduced and increase the youthful part. Lightness and visual neutralness are the criteria when there is a desire to design space in a beautiful Nordic style. 2.3. Lighting Lighting is the deciding factor for European style interior designs. Scandinavians are many times more important. For natural light sources, most Nordic style designs combine a wide window frame system with thin arrays of white curtains. At the same time, you also have to make the most of artificial light sources to ensure the inherent lightness and comfort of Scandinavian style in Vietnam by using decorative lights such as cloud lamps, bronze lights or paper lanterns.

2.4. Decorative elements

Trees: Natural items are increasingly favored in Nordic interior designs, typically bamboo knitting, rattan. Besides, trees, feng shui trees also have a special place in this style, helping the room feel less overwhelmed. In addition, a picture of nature in the North u also makes high aesthetic value for your apartment. Trees ventilate the room, making you more comfortable Nordic style interiors decorated with greenery Fireplaces: When designing a Scandinavian-style home, fireplaces are a must-have because they not only bring warmth but also closely linked to the floor, ceiling, helping your living space become complete, perfect. Texture: With simple criteria, the motifs used to decorate Scandinavian design style also become simple, usually will be plaid, caro motifs. However, to create depth for the interior spaces, the present time has started to use basic white - black color tones or geometric motifs inspired by the peoples of the world.

2.5. Furniture

Furniture should be arranged in proportions suitable for each interior space and style. For Scandinavian Style, you can use chairs of the same line or large sofas as accents. What a great combination, isn't it?

3. Hottest Scandinavian interior design 2021

3.1.Living room

The living room is the place that most expresses Nordic or Scandinavian style. Because this area stands out for guests when entering the house and has a larger area than other rooms.

3.2. Bedroom

With the use of monochrome colors for Nordic bedrooms, you will only feel comfort and relaxation after tiring and stressful working hours. Besides, black and gray tone also contributes to making your bedroom space cozier.

3.3. Kitchen

Thanks to the design of large windows in Scandinavian interior style, the kitchen space is always airy, the dark and heavy feeling is quickly broken, leaving an open and outstanding space. It is not difficult to see that Scandinavian style will help your living space get the most cozy and comfortable. If you are wondering how to choose furniture or choose a design style for your house, do not hesitate to contact Capplus for the most detailed and thoughtful advice. Our hotline: 1800.4986 or you can send information to email We will respond and contact you as soon as possible.

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