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Product Introduction

Trendy vintage color mix displaying the natural wood grains. Made of 100% natural wood.




ø1600 x H750


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The Art of Wood Coloring

Vintage look with the round top that’s made of 100% natural ashwood. Multiple colors of nature: Carribean blue, ambereque sunset, , silky dark night and snowy glacial frost. The high-quality wood veneers (oak, walnut, ashwood) are processed with modern heat-drying technology, displaying sharper visual effects for color as well as improve product’s sustainability.

Star-shaped legs

Solid stands in distinctive star-shaped conveying elegance and grace.


Hoàn thiện

Mặt bàn:

  • Sơn bệt Blue classic,
  • Veneer sồi,
  • Veneer óc chó,
  • Sơn bệt màu trắng,
  • Sơn bệt giả cổ White,
  • Sơn bệt giả cổ blue

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