The home addiction association cannot ignore the upcoming interior trends

1. Minimalist, multifunctional and smart Simplicity is one of the criteria that many people are aiming for by eliminating redundant and non-functional furniture to create a bright and airy space. natural green color with many trees inside. In 2020-2021, the world trend will be to live in smaller houses with a more limited number of rooms. This can be clearly seen in the trend of Co-working, Co-living and is a matter of concern in interior design. In the future, each room in the house will have many functions, for example, the living room is not just a place to receive guests, the bedroom is not just for sleeping. The shrinking of space requires furniture that needs more features with smaller, fewer dimensions; tend to turn to multifunctional, modular, easy-to-move furniture designs. The furniture that is currently the most sought after is the multi-purpose table and chair especially for the urban population. For example, in the United States, people tend to favor low-cost, multi-functional and smaller furniture that suits their urban and active lifestyles. It is projected that by 2022, the folding furniture market is expected to reach $13 billion and will grow in most of the most populous cities in the world, namely Tokyo, Beijing, New York, and Delhi due to the increase in smaller number of houses. In short, the Asia-Pacific market will be the dominant market for this type of furniture. By connecting technology and daily tasks to make life smarter while adding benefits to the home. Smart furniture and assistive devices will be the trend of the present and the future Modern consumers are looking for furniture that easily transitions from work mode to living mode. Furniture conversion is the most suitable option to solve the problem of housing space. Furniture manufacturers are striving to innovate furniture products in relation to consumer needs. For example, the wall bed is designed to provide a space-saving solution for small homes, it is easy to pull down and push back against the wall. Another example of such type of furniture includes a bookshelf that turns into a bed and a coffee table that converts into a dining table Versatile interior, storage features, smaller size, less; tend to turn to multifunctional, modular, easy-to-move furniture designs For example, the wall bed is designed to provide a space-saving solution for small homes, it is easy to pull down and push back against the wall. Another example of such type of furniture includes a bookshelf that turns into a bed and a coffee table that converts into a dining table 2. Multi-style furniture In recent years, Nordic style has become popular and popular. However, in the coming years it will give way to a combination of different trends that can coexist in a single space or can be used in different rooms creating diversity in the environment. living As the global workplace is being reshaped, we're seeing more and more people working from home, especially with a culture of connectivity and remote working. That means the home office will grow into a more valuable room in the house. Your home office will require more attention to design and function. And when we say hello to work from home, we also say goodbye to more traditional and less used spaces in the home, like the dining room. To serve that trend, a revolution in changing the style of the interior is needed to be able to adapt to the trend of multi-style, multi-function. 3. Interior close to nature Eco-housing, eco-materials will still be appreciated and realized. Because, modern architecture is aimed at sustainability. It is also an inevitable trend when the environment is increasingly concerned. A few years ago, building with natural building materials was born with ideas and plans, derived from the spirit of respect for the environment. Now is the time for us to apply it in interior design. Environmentally friendly interior materials will be increasingly focused. Besides, it still needs to ensure the functions to better serve other needs such as heat and sound insulation. Interiors will increasingly be driven by digital designs. Typically organic designs – Organic Design. The term "organic" in design refers to the free curves and shapes commonly found in nature, contrasting the geometric shapes of modernism. This is a form of design that promotes harmony between humans and the natural world, eliminating the dominance of square block design in modern construction. A popular interior decoration trend that preserves product longevity is the selection of traditional and organic resources. Wood, glass and stone will be the home decoration materials of choice for longevity and durability. Until now, wood is still the only source of raw materials that humans can regenerate. Over the years, with Nordic designs or Japanese styles, wooden furniture is really at its peak. However, today, raw wood cannot satisfy consumers. Therefore, creations from industrial wood furniture are encouraged. Wood is the raw material and the creation of man is the main character. 4. Focus on home furniture, especially kitchen furniture Home furniture is an important piece of furniture trends 2021-2023. The increased focus on living space decoration with the growth of innovative interior design is a key factor driving the furniture market. family loss. Cleverly designed furniture to make the most of the available space is helping to create interesting avenues for home furniture manufacturers. The rise of smart furniture in the hotel sector to attract customers is also one of the notable factors in catalyzing the expansion of the residential furniture market. Besides, integrating home furniture with technology is an attractive avenue for manufacturers to meet the demand for smart furniture in the residential area.

Home furniture manufacturers focus on aspects such as functionality and durability of their products. Furniture made of durable raw materials will go to new developments. This is evident through the creation of engineered wood coatings in the production of home furniture Among the various raw materials for making home furniture, the demand for plastic is predicted to increase at an outstanding rate through 2022. However, home furniture made of wood is expected to gain significant revenue in the coming years The kitchen becomes the center of the house. The kitchen space is getting more and more attention as people increasingly appreciate family meals and cooking becomes a joy, even an art. In 2021, black is the main color for the kitchen. Even though it's a bold color, it's very appealing to this space. Besides, the wood tones, blue, gray are also replaced for the previous white tone. The new interior design trend will no longer be the trend of open shelves, instead there will be kitchens with wooden cabinets with larger storage capacity, more multi-function. The trend of using furniture in the coming period will not stop with the above changes. So, what will be the surprise in this period. Please read in the next article of Capplus furniture.

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